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Different Kinds of Products at Dispensaries in New Mexico

Updated: Apr 4

There are tons of great dispensaries with amazing cannabis products in New Mexico, but with all these options, it can get a bit overwhelming when deciding what you want. We’ve broken down the most common categories and where you should start with each of them, whether you’re an experienced smoker or want to try an edible for the first time. Let’s find your suitable product together!


Cannabis Flower Rio Rancho NM
Pictured: Desert Peak Farms Lemon Cherry Gelato

Flower is cannabis in its purest form. Most flower you buy in dispensaries like ours is called bud. Actual flower buds that grow on Sativa and Indica cannabis plants get cut off, dried, and cured. After that, it’s ready to roll up into a paper and smoke it. Flower is a great introduction point for beginner cannabis users. Flower is flexible in the sense that you can choose exactly how much cannabis goes into each blunt you roll. You can choose between three main types of flower: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativa strains tend to be higher in THC, the chemical compound that is commonly known for its energetic, “head-high” impact. Indica strains tend to be higher in CBD, and are commonly known to stimulate relaxation and give you the “munchies”. Hybrid strains exist somewhere in between, giving you some effects from both Sativa and Indica strains. Most dispensaries in New Mexico have labels with the name of the strain, and a percentage of THC and CBD along with some information about the feelings you can expect after smoking the flower.


Cannabis Flower Rio Rancho NM

Pre-rolls are blunts or joints that are rolled for your convenience. Many smokers, old and new, prefer the convenience of pre-rolls to the experience of rolling their own blunts. Pre-rolls are available in many of the same strains that you can buy raw flower in. Pre-rolls are pre-measured and uniform, meaning you’ll experience a consistent smoke every time you smoke the same strain from the same brand.


Bloom Vapes Rio Rancho

Vapes are a more modern way of consuming cannabis. Instead of smoke, the THC or CBD is inhaled as a vapor. Vaping has a similar onset to smoking, meaning you won’t be waiting around much longer to experience the effects regardless of the method of delivery. Vape carts and disposable vapes will both have a ratio or percentage of THC and CBD on their packaging. Vapes are a discreet way of getting your dose of cannabis without any lingering smoke.


Elevated Edibles

Edibles are foods infused with THC or CBD. Eating these and digesting them will let you experience the same effects you would experience as if you had smoked the cannabis that was used to create the edibles. Edibles do have a longer onset time, meaning it will take longer to feel the effects than smoking or vaping. Edibles also last longer. A high from smoking or vaping will normally last somewhere between 1 and 4 hours, while edibles can stay in your system for upwards of 6 hours. This timeframe is heavily dependent on your own metabolism and tolerance. Edibles include gummies, chocolates, and even THC-infused drinks.


Mountain Top Extracts Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are just as they sound – highly concentrated forms of cannabis. Concentrate is made by distilling whole hemp and cannabis plants down to the THC and CBD. These are made for experienced cannabis users looking for something stronger and more refined. They require special equipment to smoke.


Wonder Bear THC Salve

Topicals are things you place on top of or rub into your skin. This includes CBD or THC creams, or soaking salts for your baths. The CBD or THC absorbs directly into your skin, taking a little longer than inhaling smoke or vapor but not as long as digesting an edible. Topicals are a beginner friendly way of adding THC or CBD to your daily routine without any calories or smoke.


Tinctures are most similar to concentrates; they are essentially distilled THC or CBD added to a neutral carrier oil. They have a similar onset time to edibles and many food-safe tinctures can be added on top of food or drinks.

Now, what products are you considering? If you have any further questions, please don’t

hesitate to contact us today! Our budtenders are always happy to help.

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